About us

WatchesForLess.ae is a watch provider, driven by a horological passion for detail, design, and most importantly, affordability. We are extremely proud to be part of a new generation of watch sellers, playing a (small) part in defining the future of an industry with such a legacy.



To bring premium brands from around the globe within the grasp of every customer.


To provide high-quality, affordable products and services and to use our passion to ensure every wrist is clad with a timepiece that echoes royalty and regality.



The founding idea behind WatchesForLess.ae is that luxury and affordability should be intertwined under one roof. Our multidisciplinary team of watch lovers has just one thing on their minds – to share the joy of owning exquisite timepieces with as many people as possible. The loop between premium products and customer service is at the very heart of who we are.

Founded in the bustling streets of urban jungles, WatchesForLess.ae is the perfect brand for watch aficionados and fashion enthusiasts. From our bespoke packaging all the way to the intricate details of the watch itself, WatchesForLess.ae captures the spirit of buying from the most exclusive watch brands in the world and distils it into an exquisitely crafted experience, that doesn’t break the bank. 



Our aim is to offer timeless pieces, of the highest quality, for fair prices. The horology industry has drastically changed in the past few decades, with quality watches costing more than a fortune to own. Our love for these quality authentic watches has led us on a road to ensure everyone can feel what a premium watch feels like. We source these authentic premium watches from official manufacturers at promotional rates, which allows us to offer far better prices. Going straight to the source instead of the retailers, we keep our costs and overheads down and all the price advantage goes to our customers. We are in touch with our customers every day online. You are more than welcome to say “Hi” on our social media if you have any questions; we will be available at any time to help you.



Here at WatchesForLess.ae, we want to bring inclusivity for all, and avoid contributing to the exclusivity that has been the bane of the horology industry. Giving a much better deal in terms of price for premium watches is the best way to counter the gate-keeping practices of high-end watch brands. We source all of our watches from two different sources:

  • We get most of our brand-new watches from the brand’s outsourced manufacturers or authorized dealers. Since they don’t come with an international brand warranty, we are able to snag them up at much lower prices. 
  • Sometimes, we get our hands on promotional watches that we are able to obtain at steep discounts. 

Whatever the source, every watch you buy comes with our own 2-year warranty and is guaranteed to be genuine and authentic, so you can shop with peace of mind. In a nutshell, we get favourable prices on these products and then pass on the savings to the customer. It’s that simple.



WatchesForLess.ae is a premium watch brand. But we’re not interested in expensive retailer fees; for us, watches are an expression of art, science, and engineering. And everyone reserves the right to enjoy and appreciate this art.

We believe watches are as relevant today as they have ever been. We are all searching for meaningful products that are well-made and stand the test of time. Premium watch brands are known to be highly desirable, but also famously expensive. As a result, we turned our attention to getting these desirable timepieces into the hands of the people, rather than having them locked up in showrooms.

Once the watches are sourced, our job doesn’t end there. Our expert watch testers go through every detail to ensure your premium watch is free from any imperfections. We are proud to provide some of the most sought-after brands in horology and to provide the best price on the market at the original quality.


An uncompromising effort to exceed expectations. An incredible focus on the customer’s needs. And the most competitive pricing you can find online. That’s what we’re all about.